Entertainment Industry


Virtual reality (VR), over-the-top (OTT) video, and Internet advertising

The VR market is quickly transforming into an entertainment and productivity platform.


OTT video revenue for media and entertainment (think: HBO Go, Hulu, Netflix) in the U.S. reached $20.1 billion in 2017. Global Internet advertising market, with total to reach $127.4 billion revenue of 2022

5G To Evolve What Content Is

The move to 5G wireless makes what’s possible in terms of the experiences faster broadband will facilitate.


It enable it to launch an internet-delivered television service across the network. 5G is developing alongside continuing advances in artificial intelligence, the worldwide rollout of IoT devices, the evolution of virtual and augmented reality, and location-based services.

Convergence Throughout The Industry

Convergence will be a big M&E theme during the next five years.
TV companies, and social networks are now competing over both conventional sports and e-sports rights, the report points out.


TV companies, telecoms, tech companies, OTT operators, and movie studios are competing to provide TV content.

Radio stations, podcast companies, and streaming services are competing to provide radio and podcast content.  Brands, too, are jumping on board, creating content to engage the same audiences.